Our Story

AuthenticNJ was created by me, noL Jones, in September 2020. I’m a musician & I’ve been making music since I was 15. One day I sat & listened to some in my songs in depth to come up with a name for a new project. I realized in most songs I was talking about real life situations & things I consider real, so I came up with the name “Authentic”.

Originally Authentic was a hip hop/rap project & the merch took a life of its own. After understanding the power of this brand & the impact I can make on the world with it I decided to take a risk & put serious money into it.

Our aim is to shift the mindset of our customers so they can move with more intention, freedom & authenticity. When you wear our clothing you represent what we represent & you let people know who you are before opening your mouth to speak.

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We now run our social media like no other clothing brand: We post affirmations, motivational quotes & videos; we even teach our customers how to start their OWN clothing brand as well as start other profitable businesses.